H2 Equipment Design Ltd. was founded in 2002 as a result of the need to develop specialized equipment for use in the polyurethane foam and coatings industry.  H2 provides a number of services to its’ customers, from one off custom equipment like a dry ice blasting trailer or pipeline coating machine, to helping you solve problems you may have with your equipment or process.

H2 also manufactures and maintains complete spray foam and coatings trailers with generators, air compressors, breathable air equipment, proportioners, etc..  Speak with us for your next foam spray rig.

We will also help you with day to day maintenance or troubleshooting of your equipment. Some of our local customers take advantage of having equipment repaired or maintained during off hours so that they don’t miss any production time. They also appreciate that we come by and bring parts for their equipment by simply texting us and having the parts delivered before the start of the next business day. Others book repairs or maintenance and bring equipment to us over a weekend while they are in town and then take their equipment home ready to work again.

Do you need dry air in your work place? H2 also builds stationary as well as portable compressed air equipment for railways and the mining industry. H2 will design and build the compressed air solution that you need.

As our company grows, we strive to meet your needs.   Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries.

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