Full Front Hood Set for SL System


Full Front Hood Set for Single Line System comes complete with full front hood, breathing tube, belt and quick connector.

2 Person Breathable Air Board

[75502] – QABS – Model 50 w/ 2 Outlets

Designed to support two supplied air respirators at the same time. This affordable system is outfitted with a solid-state monitor and four-stage filtration. Built in warning lamps and audible horn to alert users if hazardous gases exceed the preset OSHA levels. This complete system is panel mounted.

Inline Pneumatic Dryer

SPG100 W/ Element SPG 102

Our in-line SPG103 Pneumatic/Dryer’s are a great supplement to cleaning your air just before the end use. This dryer removes unwanted moisture, oil, dirt, chips, scraps, rust particles and other contaminants. Only 5 inches in length, this unit is installed within 6 feet of the end use to protect your tools. The La-Man Pneumatic/Dryer provides a permanent brass housing as opposed to disposables. Replacement elements are available.

P-20 Personal Air Breathing Unit

Model P-20, PABU – [75120]

A Personal Air Breathing Unit will work with the existing filtered compressed air supply. It will provide Grade “D” Breathable Air for a proper NIOSH approved respirator, and with the provided 54″ tool air hose assembly, it will allow for a by pass of air for a paint spray gun. The Personal Air Breathing Unit is a 20 scfm system. This will allow for use with full hoods, equipped with vortex cooling tubes. It is a complete, belt mounted system, with a built in filter with filter monitor, and a carbon monoxide monitor with both audible and visual alarms. The monitor runs on a single battery, and continuously monitors the air for compliance with current OSHA standards

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